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Individual & Couples Counseling

We specialize in treating people ages 14+ in areas including, but not limited to, addiction, trauma/PTSD, grief/loss, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, relationship/family/parenting issues, codependency, life transitions, and stress management.  We also offer individual and family counseling for children ages 5+.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)*

EMDR is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.  It seems to stimulate the stored information in order to allow the brain to reprocess the experience.  ALSO AVAILABLE VIA TELEHEALTH!

*Only offered by select therapists who have been trained in EMDR.  Available at both locations and via telehealth.

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Play Therapy*

Play Therapy allows children to express their feelings and resolve conflicts through play.  It is a form of treatment that can help with exploring and expressing difficult emotions, improving communication, and developing problem-solving skills.

*Only offered by Amelia Burkhammer (St. Albans location).

CSED Waiver Evaluations*

We have staff trained to conduct evaluations for the Children with Serious Emotional Disorders Waiver (CSEDW) program.  

*Must be referred by KEPRO.  Only offered by select clinicians.  Available at both locations and via telehealth.

Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, and DOT SAP* Assessments

We have staff credentialed to provide mental health and substance use disorder assessments that may be required by employers, professional licensure boards, CPS, etc.

*Only offered by Bryan Stephey (St. Albans location and telehealth).


Internet-based video counseling is available to clients located in West Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio.  These sessions take place through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform managed by SimplePractice.  Telehealth counseling allows you to access quality professional counseling services from the comfort of your own home and can be especially beneficial for people with disabilities or living in remote areas. 

*A web cam (or a tablet/Smart Phone camera) and strong Internet connection are required.  Telehealth will not be appropriate for all clients.

For more information to help you decide if TeleHealth is right for you, click here.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAPs are offered through some employers and insurance companies, and we are paneled with several.  Consult your HR department or your insurance company.  Sessions are confidential, and no information can be released to your employer without your written consent.

Clinical Supervision, Professional Consultation, and Workshops*

We provide professional consultation, seminars, workshops, and in-service trainings on a variety of topics upon request.  We also have staff credentialed to provide supervision for professionals seeking licensure and/or certification in professional counseling and addiction counseling in West Virginia and Illinois.

*For more information, please visit the Inspire Consulting & Supervision web site.

CODE GREY: Finding Calm in the Chaos

#CodeGrey is a presentation focusing on first responder wellness, PTSD awareness and recovery, and suicide prevention.

*For more information, please visit the Inspire Consulting & Supervision website or the CODE GREY Facebook page.

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