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Play Therapy Services at Aspire Counseling

Play Therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy that allows children to process their feelings and resolve conflicts through play.  It is a form of treatment that can help with exploring and expressing difficult emotions, improving communication, and developing problem-solving and coping skills.  Facilitated by our skilled and compassionate therapists who specialize in working with children, play therapy provides a safe and supportive environment where children can navigate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a developmentally appropriate way.

One of our therapy offices at the St. Albans location

During play therapy sessions, children may be encouraged to engage in various forms of play, such as drawing, storytelling, and/or role playing, which may involve the use of toys, sand tray, or other objects.  Through these activities, children can communicate and work through their struggles in a non-threatening and enjoyable manner.

Our play therapists are highly trained, licensed mental health professionals with expertise in child development and techniques specific to working with children/adolescents.  They create a warm, nurturing environment where your child can feel comfortable expressing themselves and building trusting a trusting relationship.

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