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Navigating through life can sometimes be a tough journey, but with Aspire Counseling, you don't have to go it alone.  We will join with you to meet your goals and overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.  Aspire offers specialized treatment for stress management, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, relationship/family difficulties, parenting concerns, anger management, substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, grief/loss, life transitions, career/vocational issues, and much more.

If you have something on your mind, we want to hear about it.  Discover how Aspire can help you live your best life.  Your future self will thank you!

Aspire Counseling is a division of Aspire to Inspire Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, LLC, which is a therapy (mental health and addiction), consultation, and clinical supervision practice with locations in Hurricane (Teays Valley) and St. Albans, WV.
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Are you...

...having difficulty managing stress?

...feeling depressed or anxious?

...grieving a loss?

...going through a break-up, separation, or divorce?

...struggling with a major change, such as a medical diagnosis, career change, job loss, retirement, moving, or empty-nesting? with a substance use/addiction problem?

...experiencing conflict with family or friends?

...a trauma survivor?

...stressed about work or school?

At Aspire Counseling, we can help you:

Identify your strengths as well as areas for growth.

Reduce stress by developing coping skills and building resilience.

Explore your motivation for change.

Resolve conflicts and create healthier connections with others.

Establish work/life balance.

Gain understanding of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and identify any problematic patterns.

Enhance self-esteem and overall well-being.

Begin to heal from past hurts in a safe, compassionate environment.

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